We offer multi-level online classes to students.  Each students’ level would be different and they will be grouped accordingly.

Our student/coach ratio will be less than 6 students per session to ensure quality.  We group students into beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  Each group is expected to master the following concepts and knowledge.  Classes are 1.5 hours long for intermediate and advanced, 1 hour long for beginner, and led by our head coach (National master ranking).

For Beginner students:

  • The chess board: 64 Squares, files, and ranks
  • The Language of Chess – Coordinates
  • Diagonals, the center, piece movements and values
  • Check, Checkmate, and Stalemate
  • Various Basic Checkmate Patterns with pieces familiarization
  • Queen and Helper Checkmate.
  • Basic Opening Theories
  • Introduction to tactics

For Intermediate Students:

  • Visualization I
  • Basic Opening Traps
  • Basic Middle game
  • Basic Endgame
  • Intermediate Checkmates patterns
  • Intermediate tactics
  • Introduction to Deeper Pattern Recognition of Combination
  • Defense

For Advanced Students:

  • Visualization II
  • Endgame with different combination of pieces
  • Advanced tactics
  • Positional Strategy
  • Pawn Structure
  • Good and Bad Squares
  • Outpost
  • Learning Opening Preparation

Class Prerequisite:

– Laptop or Computer with access to internet and Speaker/microphone/Webcam

– lichess.org account

– Skype Client install or Zoom Meeting

* We can help you with the lichess.org account creation and skype/zoom install.  Please click here for instruction on how to create these accounts.

— Online Setup Instructions

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