2021 Summer In Person Chess Camp led by National Master Coach RJ


MYMChess have will be offering in person summer camp this year and classes will be held at our Great Neck location.  All levels are welcomed.  Students will be put into subgroups based on strength.  There will be 1 coach for every 11 students.


 Upon registration, students will receive class information and orientation details by last 2 weeks of June.


In Person Class Schedule:

09:00AM - Drop off AM Session / Supervised Play
09:30AM - Chess Lecture
10:30AM - Structured Activity
11:40PM - Lunch Time
12:00PM - Pick up AM Session / Drop off PM Session / Supervised Play
12:30PM - Chess Lecture
1:30PM - Structured Activity
2:40PM - Snack Time
3:00PM - Pick up PM Session


Available Dates

  • July 5-8 (4 Days)
  • July 11-15 (5 Days)
  • July 18-22 (5 Days)
  • July 25-29 (5 Days)
  • Aug 1-5 (5 Days)
  • Aug 8-12 (5 Days)
  • Aug 15-19 (5 Days - No PM on Aug 16)
  • Aug 22-26 (5 Days - No PM on Aug 23)
  • Aug 29-Sept 2 (5 Days)


  • In Person class @ 3 Grace Ave, Great Neck, NY 11021


  • Full Session week (9AM-3PM) - $650
  • Half Session Week (9AM-12AM or 12PM-3PM) - $325
  • Full Session Day (9AM-3PM) - $140

Half Session Day (9AM-12AM or 12PM-3PM) - $75
Early Bird Discounts:
10% off before 4/30 (Use code summer10)
5% off before 5/31 (Use code summer5)




Cancellations must occur one week prior to the start of camp for a full refund minus $25 processing fee.
Cancellations afterwards can receive 50% refund

Lecture Topic List:

Solid Opening Principle

First stage of chess in which students will be how to form a solid opening with a different variations and traps to look for. Opening is an important phase of the game usually within the first 10 moves of the game. Ideas will be taught to students and they will have their own opening repertoire at the end of the summer.

Middle Game Lesson

Second stage of chess in which students will be taught different tactical combinations in the different dynamics of the game. Positional strategies that will lead to a good structure going to the endgame. Also a social play to put the fresh ideas into action. Time control would vary depending on the lesson of the day.

Endgame Lesson

Third or last stage of chess in which students will be taught on how to calculate and evaluate to have a good finish of the game, either a win or a draw! Alot of calculation and visualization will be required in end game. Also a social play to put the fresh ideas into action. Time control would vary depending on the lesson of the day.

Famous Game Analysis

Explain and walk through famous games of the past! Learning from the classical of the famous chess Grand Masters, particularly the ex-world / current champions. Define and explain the reasoning behind each critical move.  Split the group into teams for social play team battle challenge.

Positional/Strategical Planning

In a chess game, it is not all about tactics. You must also know how to play positional and strategical to solidify your structure.  This lesson focus on how to build out your fortress and strengthen your position, as well as exploiting your opponent’s weaknesses.

Structured Activities: 

Puzzle Madness

Every chess position is a problem to be solved. We provide structured positions based on a tactical / positional theme to help with pattern recognition mastery that can be applied in an actual game.

Coach Simul

The coach plays all students simultaneously and provides on the spot correction or guidelines when it comes to finding threats and good plans.

Psychology on Stress Management

Any sport could be stressful, especially when emotions arise. Every Wednesday, we will incorporate on how to manage stress or frustration when things are not going your way in-spite-of all the efforts and hard work you have done.

Bug House

A chess variant that helps improve chess tactics and requires team play. Usually done at the later part of the class.

From Position Battle

The coach will provide a specific position for everyone to play that comes from puzzle themes, studies, or games of chess masters. This activity helps more on how to understand specific chess techniques and winning strategies.