MYM Chess Program - Self Assessment Test


Unsure what level of the program you should signup for? Try the below self assessment test!ย ย 


There are a total of 5 levels with 5 puzzles each level.ย  If you can solve the current set easily, move on to the next set. The moment you could not solve all 5 puzzles in the current set, that should be a rough indicator which level you belong to.ย 


This self-assessment test is used as a rough guide and we may ask to do a game assessment to confirm the right level.ย  Our academy offers 5 different levels and please click the below link to see each level with its curriculum info.


See Program Info



Chess Starter IIย ย 


  • Please try solving the below chess puzzle without any help.
  • Spendย 45 secondsย for each puzzle at most.
  • Please do not do trial and error - that's not the goal of the assessment.ย 
  • Look at the puzzle and then make the same moves you have decided. The first attempt counts.
  • If you are able to solve these puzzles easily, please click NEXT and jump into next level.
  • After the self assessment, please let MYM Staff know which puzzle # or level you are on.ย 


Knowledge Prerequisite:

** White to play - Click on (+) to expand each Puzzle **

Puzzle 6 - White to play and find the free hanging piece.

Puzzle 7 - White to play and find the good trade.

Puzzle 8 - White to play and find the correct underpromotion

Puzzle 9 - White to play and win by creating a passed pawn, and make a pawn promotion.

Puzzle 10 - White to play and mate in two using the back rank mate.


Please contact us for any questions, or visit registration page to register.