We offer multi-level in person and online classes to students.  Each students’ level would be different and they will be grouped accordingly.

Our student/coach ratio will be less than 6-8 students per session to ensure quality.  We group students into beginner, intermediate, and advanced and each group is expected to master the following concepts and knowledge.

Chess Starter 1 program is a 10 or 12 weeks program to build up the fundamentals of chess and students are expected to graduate onto chess starter 2 where they start to grow with their chess plans and ideas. These classes are 1 hour long.  Intermediate series are 1.5 hour long on virtual platform and 1 hour in person.  All programs are lead by our head coach whom is a USCF National Master.

For Chess Starter 1 / Chess Starter 2 students:

  • The chess board: 64 Squares, files, and ranks
  • The Language of Chess – Coordinates
  • Diagonals, the center, piece movements and values
  • Check, Checkmate, and Stalemate
  • Various Basic Checkmate Patterns with pieces familiarization
  • Queen and Helper Checkmate.
  • Basic Opening Theories
  • Introduction to tactics
  • Review of Chess Starter course items.
  • Introduction to tactics
  • Introduction to patterns and puzzles
  • Introduction to visualization and the importance of it
  • Introduction to opening theories and finding your opening
  • Introduction to positional play

For Intermediate 1 / Intermediate 2 Students:

  • Review of various Basic Checkmate Patterns with pieces familiarization
  • Review of Queen and Helper Checkmate.
  • Opening Theories
  • Familiarize with tactics
  • The real meaning of trading
  • Good and Bad pieces vs Good and Bad trading
  • Familiarize with Opening/Mid/End game separation.
  • Introduction to puzzles with checkmate in 1 and 2 patterns.
  • Different mating patterns with pieces
  • Visualization I
  • Basic Opening Traps
  • Basic Middle game
  • Basic Endgame
  • Intermediate Checkmates patterns
  • Intermediate tactics
  • Introduction to Deeper Pattern Recognition of Combination
  • Defense

For Advanced Students:

  • Visualization II
  • Endgame with different combination of pieces
  • Advanced tactics
  • Positional Strategy
  • Pawn Structure
  • Good and Bad Squares
  • Outpost
  • Learning Opening Preparation

Online Class Prerequisite:

  • Laptop or Computer with access to internet and Speaker/microphone/Webcam
  • lichess.org account
    • We can help you with the lichess.org account creation and skype/zoom install.
  • Zoom Meeting

In-Person Prerequisite:

  • Be ready to learn chess
  • Be ready to think hard!
  • We will take care of the rest. 🙂

— Online Setup Instructions

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