Welcome to the Fall Virtual Chess Study of Epic Academy!


  • September 17 2020

Lesson 2:

  • Movement and Piece Value: The Pawn

Lesson Goal:

  • In this lesson, you will learn more about the pawn!
    1. Piece value
    2. How does it move
    3. How does it captures
    4. The only piece that can never move backwards
    5. It can be promoted whenever it reaches the final rank of its destination.
  • Watch the quick video MYM Chess Coach RJ and practice with our interactive Chess pieces!
  • Now that you have watched the video. Practice it with the below interactive games!
  • Exercise 1)
    • White to move: Find the capture using the pawn. (Hint: There is only 1 possible capture)

  • Exercise 2) 
    • White to Move: Move and promote the pawn to a Queen (Hint: Take advantage of the 2 squares on Pawn’s first move!)

That was easy, Right? You are one step closer to become a good chess player now that you have learned about the pawn.

Don’t forget to take a screenshot of your final position and submit to your teacher!