Welcome to the MYMChess Virtual Chess Study!

Lesson 3:

  • Movement and Piece Value: The Rook

Lesson Goal:

  • In this lesson, you will learn more about the Rook!
    1. Piece value
    2. How does it move
    3. How does it captures
  • Watch the quick video MYM Chess Coach RJ and practice with our interactive Chess pieces!
  • Now that you have watched the video. Practice it with the below interactive games!
  • Exercise 1)
    • White to play and move your rook to g2 square in two moves.

  • Exercise 2) 
    • White to play and use you rook to capture the black knight and pawn.

  • Exercise 3) 
    • White to play and use your rook to capture the black pawn on b7 in three moves.

That was easy, Right? You are one step closer to become a good chess player now that you have learned about the pawn.

Don’t forget to take a screenshot of your final position and submit to your teacher!